In the News:

Transport Canada funds a study of ‘hyperloop’ transport March 2019

Toronto to Montreal is a “Winner” Sept 2017

1.1       Manifesto

To do the most good. Eh.

1.2       Goal:

Transmit the needs of the world. Sustainably and beautifully. Eh.

In this day, it seems important to transmit things:

  • People.  So we can share cultures.
  • Data.  So we can share cultures.
  • Energy.   This one might seem ancient some day.

Our transmission history is something we can all look back on and laff at.  Remember when data was sent through copper?  Or glass? Or the air?  I can imagine new ways of transmitting all of these things, so lets not restrict ourselves for now!.

2.                      Version 1.0


A pod in a pneumatic tube?  Maglev?


Fiber optics?  We should probably make it a conduit so we can upgrade later.


Canada’s first transcontinental electrictity transmission grid.

Hydro from Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba seem like a good start.  Solar, wind, nuclear etc, whatever is more sustainable and beautiful.  I suggest we stick with publicly owned here to keep ourselves aligned with our manifesto.  At least totally open sourced.

Fossil Energy?

Wow. I dunno.  Probably not, but maybe?  It should probably be Canada’s last pipeline if we really need this.


Do we need to start doing this?  Probably not yet.




Are people freight? Separate or integrated?


2.1       Working Groups

Whats our dimension and shape?

Are we underground, aboveground, combination or what? 

Do we need a Constitutional amendment to make it happen?

Canada Loop Eh Accord

Public utility operated for the good of all.

Amending formula[edit]

Main article: Amendments to the Constitution of Canada

Instead of the usual parliamentary procedure, that includes the monarch’s formal Royal Assent for enacting legislation, amendments to the Constitution Act, 1982 must be done in accordance with Part V of the Constitution Act, 1982, which provides for five different amending formulae. Amendments can be brought forward under section 46(1) by any province or either level of the federal government. The general formula is set out in section 38(1), known as the “7/50 formula”, requires: (a) assent from both the House of Commons and the Senate; (b) the approval of two-thirds of the provincial legislatures (at least seven provinces) representing at least 50% of the population (effectively, this would include at least Quebec or Ontario, as they are the most populous provinces). This formula specifically applies to amendments related to the proportionate representation in Parliament, powers, selection, and composition of the Senate, the Supreme Court and the addition of provinces or territories.

The other amendment formulae are for exceptional cases as provided by in the act. In the case of an amendment related to the Office of the Queen, the use of either official language (subject to section 43), the amending formula itself, or the composition of the Supreme Court, the amendment must be adopted by unanimous consent of all the provinces in accordance with section 41. In the case of an amendment related to provincial boundaries or the use of an official language within a province alone, the amendment must be passed by the legislatures affected by the amendment (section 43). In the case of an amendment that affects the federal government only, the amendment does not need approval of the provinces (section 44). The same applies to amendments affecting the provincial government alone (section 45).


How do we not screw up our remaining areas where we share this earth with a rich variety of species?  Underground must be better?

What are current technologies that are open source and public domain do we need to adopt?

What new technologies do we have to invent?

Provincial Coordination Teams

National Coordination Team

Where do we start?

Graphics and logos

Energy Transmission

Data Transmission


2.2       How

We can’t screw this part up.

Way underground maybe?  Bore holes?  Seems as good as it gets.  I cant think of a better way across a frozen tundra where caribou migrate.

Sucks to ride underground though.  Maybe we have a sunroof?  Or a virtual one?

If we put cameras, or antennas or anything above ground though, how often?  In an Inukshuk?

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