Transport Canada funds a study of ‘hyperloop’ transport

29 Mar , 2019 Canaloop

Transport Canada funds a study of ‘hyperloop’ transport

Transport Canada is looking for someone to conduct a preliminary feasibility study of HYPERLOOP Technology!
The two claims you will need to investigate are:

  • The HYPERLOOP concept can be transformed into a viable technology that is safe for passengers and the communities where the tubes traverse, AND
  • The HYPERLOOP technology cost is comparable or is significantly more affordable than conventional High Speed Rail systems or developing Maglev technologies

I wish they would have asked to review the environmental impact too.  Cariboo can walk over a hyperloop transport but a high speed train would make a mess.

You have till May 10 2019 to get your proposals in!  Good luck!

You can view the MERX call for proposals here (solicitation number  T8080-180829). A related CBC story is here.
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